Innovation and reliability
for video-surveillance

SERINN was born in 1992 as manufacturer of highly technological level accessories.

It has over years developed design skills and experiences which have helped it to meet any surveillance needs.

SERINN is continuously committed to designing and engineering systems fulfilling and anticipating its customers' demands of the highest efficiency, reliability and of the utmost simplicity of installation.

Today SERINN, a dynamic Italian business, has become partner of the major OEM dealers and customers, in the manufacture of electronic and mechanic accessories for video-control systems.

SERINN  has always chosen to follow the philosophy of 100% Made in Italy. This ethical choice involves all production stages: everything is produced in Italy.

The selection of materials and supports, the design, the assembling, the choice and training of the highly qualified staff, are all elements that help to give the finished product, the guarantee and safety of an excellent quality.

Who chooses SERINN does not only choose a very good product but also believes in its philosophy.
Quality is not luxury, brilliance and weight. The real luxury is to believe into ideals, the true light is given by transparency, by the weight of respect.
This is Serinn’s true quality.

Quality and safety

SERINN's interest is focused on the quality of its production processes.
Each stage, from design to production, up to commercialization of products and after sale assistance, undergoes continuous control as regards the observance of the rules in force and the conformity with EC directions.

To invest in the sector of Research & Development, in order to improve the efficiency, the safety and function of its products and guarantee their quality, which has always characterized Italian products, is really important for SERINN.


Advanced technologies

The increasing needs for security are more and more causing the  success of video-surveillance systems on the market.

Thanks to filming units connected with more and more management and recording systems, SERINN company can satisfy any demand.

Each video-control system is made up with a whole of technologically efficiently integrated systems, in order to guarantee their best efficiency and reliability.




SERINN offers its competence to educate its customers about how to use its products in the right way.


SERINN guarantees its technical support all over the Italian territory.


SERINN offers the possibility of personalizing some products according to specific customers’ requests.


SERINN provides its customers with a free after sale assistance service within the first 24 months from purchase date.


SERINN periodically organizes open day events within its premises, which are addressed to distributors, installers and users, in order to inform them about the latest innovations in its products.


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