Installation handbook

Download the pdf files of handbooks for a correct installation and use of our products.

HTC300, Housing
HFA/DPL, driver piloting illuminator
HFA/DF, fan driver
HFA/BML, Mechanical block with padlock
HFA/52HP, splitter module PoE+ for Flexa
HFA/97P, splitter module PoE for Flexa
InfraLUX IR-LED illumination High-Power
InfraLUX supply power
ELA700, video amplifier
Modular video distributor EVD Range
Modular video optoisolator EVO Range
SPD2W, surge suppressor
Serie Roller, housings
Serie Tunnel, housings



Serinn focuses its customers' attention on a number of technical questions to help you to find any solutions and to give you advices on any possible problems that you can find on installing a TVCC system.

Illumination for CCTV system
IR-LED illuminators for CCTV systems
InfraLUX, new IR-LED illuminators
Housings & Housings
Advantage of amplification
Risks of induced surges


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