Thinking of the new INFRALUX illuminators as "standard" illuminators would be extremely reductive. This new line comes from an extensive research and is based on the implementation of technologies usually applied exclusively to High-Tech sectors. Made of SMD technology with current regulation, supplied with high-intensity semiconductors specific for CCTV applications. LEDs in ThinFilm and a large energy gap: particularly suitable for applications requiring high efficiency and high operating temperatures.

Optical collimator guarantees an extremely highly efficient light beam.

Illumination intensity adjustment (by threshold) with PSRS75-12 power supply and with PSBOX75-00.

The cover is composed with specific techno-polymers for selective lighting applications system.

The body of illuminator is made of Anticorodal extrusion with electrocolour galvanic treatment and, together with stainless steel bolts and screws, guarantee high resistance to corrosion and weather conditions (particularly indicated for marine environment). IP66

Low power consumption and long-lasting LEDs make it possible to effectively reduce operating and maintenance costs during its whole service life.



InfraLUX - HighPower IR-LED illuminator

  • SMD technology
  • Specific semiconductors
    for cctv applications
  • High intensity IR-LEDs
  • High efficiency collimators
  • Maximum range up to 310 m (see technical data)
  • Adjustable twilight switch
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Long-lasting IR-LEDs (>50.000 hours)
  • Wide temperature range (-40°c ÷ +100°c)
  • IP66 protection rate

Wherever an discreet IR illumination source is needed for night shootings or for better quality image (with high sensitive cameras). Particularly suitable for dome camera system, military base, perimetric system, airports, prison, water reservoirs, urban video system, city center, major squares, major parking lots, power plants, long routes like motorways, railways, tunnels, stadium, coast guard, police surveillance.


INFRALUX IL400 made by two IL300 coupled through a specific adaptor, supplied with: adjustable automatic twilight switch, U support, 3m+3m connecting cable with a Compound sheath for outdoor use, in compliance with CEI 20-22/II.
IL400 045-TS 45° illumination angle
IL400 025-TS 25° illumination angle
IL400 018-TS 18° illumination angle
IL400 011-TS 11° illumination angle

Light ranges referred to:
A) CCD camera 1/3" B/N, 0.03 Lux (F1.2)
B) CCD camera 1/3" Day&Night, 0.01 Lux (F1.2)
Lens: 5-50mm F1.3 manual varifocal

The measurements have been executed on an open grass field: no reflection from surrounding environment detected. Best performance is obtained with B/W cameras. In case of Day&Night cameras: versions with mechanic filters are indicated.

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