Spare parts for HTC300 - HTL300 housings


Standard bracket made of Compound materials, suitable for wall/pole mounting for TUNNEL housings. Hidden cables management and side cable entrance. Only one screw for H/V position adjustment. Ready to be used with ½" Band-IT made of Stainless steel. Colour RAL1013.



Standard bracket (wall / pole mounting)

Technical Sheet
  • Lenght 230 mm
  • Pole Diameter from 60mm to 110mm
  • Weight 300 g
  • Suitable for the following housings HTC300, HTL300

Other Parts

  • HTC300/CSV upper body complete with crystal front glass
  • SSC300 sunshield for HTC300 housing
  • H230/HTC 230V (7W) heater for HTC300 housing
  • H24/HTC 24V (7W) heater for HTC300 housing
  • H12/HTC 12V (7W) heater for HTC300 housing
  • H230/300 230V(7W) heater for HTLC300 housing
  • H24/300 24V(7W) heater for HTLC300 housing
  • H12/300 12V (7W) heater for HTLC300 housing

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